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Our Realty division helps home owners and investors alike in acquiring real estate property. Real estate is one of the biggest purchases most people ever make, and we understand how crucial it is to have someone you trust in front and behind you, as you make that decision for the acquisition of really.


Most first time homeowners are very careful, as the decision to own could be a life-changing event for them. As a prospective first-time homeowner, we research the market and show you the best that meets your set criteria. For the repeat buyers, the challenge does not become easier, but interesting and encompassing. We are there to help you assess the market before you make the leap, with our personalized services.


Whether you are buying a single family home, duplex or apartment building, let us see you through the comparables, cost or income yardsticks that may be required to arrive at a sound decision. For instance, in acquiring multiunit dwelling, we guide you through our 10x Valuation Calculator. We research the market, and together we evaluate your expectations and the market reality to arrive at a property that makes sense. We evaluate important criteria such as the capitalization rate, Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), current annualized Income and expense analysis, proforma annualized Income and expense analysis to assist you make a better investment decision.

Please contact us for our competitive advantage, as we give you the personal attention you deserve in this important investment.