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Washington Real Newsletter Archives

We maintain this page as the repository of our newsletters starting from the premier edition in April, 2008

2011 Issues

December, 2011 Edition: Coming...

November, 2011 Edition: Coming...

October, 2011 Edition: Coming...

September, 2011 Should you Pay less Property Taxes?...vol37.pdf

August, 2011 Edition: Can First-time Homeowners Move Up? pdf file, 66kb

July, 2011 Edition: Why is The Rental Market Strong? pdf file, 79kb

June, 2011 Edition: The Foreclosure Problem, Anyway Out? pdf file, 79kb

May, 2011 Edition: Fannie & Freddie, will demise affect you? pdf file, 140kb

April, 2011 Edition: Cash for Keys...What are the Options? pdf file, 80kb

March, 2011 Edition: Reverse Mortgage, what is that? pdf file, 152kb

February, 2011 Edition: The Cost To Appraise Your Home Way Up? pdf file, 77kb

January, 2011 Edition: FHA Changes Rules for Borrowers.. pdf file, 87kb

2010 Issues

October, Rent V Buy in 2010 / 2011 and Survey of First Time Home Buyers pdf file, 56kb

September, 2010 Edition: Holding Real Estate Title in California and A Living Trust pdf file, 52kb

August, 2010 Edition: Jumbo Loans Coming to Life and Strategic Default Under Hammer pdf file, 56kb

July, 2010 Edition: The California Real Estate Market, Trend Upwards pdf file, 898kb

June, 2010 Edition: The Almighty FICO! pdf file, 56kb

May, 2010 Edition: Commercial, Triple Net Lease..Hot?,..and Bill Extend Anti-deficiency Protection for Consumers pdf file, 60kb

April, 2010 Edition: P.M.I. back in the saddle again!,..and Pre-Listing Inspection, Should I do it? pdf file, 60kb

March, 2010 Edition: Helping Underwater Borrowers..ver 1,2,3?,..and The Bank Of America Program pdf file, 142kb

February, 2010 Edition: Residential Home Financing Trend,..and Real Estate Update..renting or Owning pdf file, 69kb

January, 2010 Edition: The No Principal Reduction Mantra,..and Real Estate Update..Upward Trend in Prices pdf file, 78kb

2009 Issues

December, 2009 Edition: The New Tax credit 8k and 6.5k,..and Real Estate Update..California Confidence in 2 yr High pdf file, 80kb

November, 2009 Edition: Lending, worst plunge in years..and Real Estate Update..1 in 4 Underwater pdf file, 75kb

October, 2009 Edition: What about that credit score.. and Real Estate Market Update.. Check out the New "The Trend!" section pdf file, 82kb

September, 2009 Edition: Loan Modification Update and Real Estate Market Update.. Check out the New "The Trend!" section pdf file, 81kb

August, 2009 Edition: Loan Modification, a Sham? pdf file, 60kb

July, 2009 Edition: FHA, The Only Option? pdf file, 60kb

June, 2009 Edition: The Most and Least-Valued Markets pdf file, 130kb

May, 2009 Edition: The Great Real Estate Swap Meet pdf file, 129kb

April, 2009 Edition: Can $18,000 Credit Make You Buy? pdf file, 129kb

March, 2009 Edition: Loan Modification, Tenancy Issues pdf file, 160kb

February, 2009 Edition: The Obama Home Rescue Plan pdf file, 157kb

January, 2009 Edition: FHA, The Best Bet? and Modify Loans pdf file, 168kb

2008 Issues

December, 2008 Edition: Short Sales, Should You? and Can Fannie/Freddie Waive Appraisals pdf file, 156kb

November, 2008 Edition: Foreclosures Drop in Cali and Savings in A Home pdf file, 159kb

July, 2008 Edition: First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit and Mortgage Insurers face Tough Times pdf file, 156kb

June, 2008 Edition: Good Faith Estimate and Managing Your Investment Property pdf file, 129kb

May, 2008 Edition: Why Lenders Don't Want to Help and Lower Real Estate Taxes Coming pdf file, 132kb

April, 2008 Edition: Sacramento Real Estate Market and The Financing Landscape pdf file, 138kb